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D.I. & C.I. Flanged Pipes

We can manufacture any configuration of Ductile Iron & Cast Iron Fabricated Flanged Pipes to suit our client's specific requirements, in nominal bore 80mm - 1000mm. All fabricated pipe work is manufactured using Class K-9 & Class B barrel/pipe as standard for D.I. & C.I. respectively.


The service is particularly useful where pressure pipelines are installed above the ground, such as water treatment plants, pumping stations and where flanged pipes are required to be made of exact lengths.


Where pipes are needed to be cast in concrete walls such as inlet and outlet pipework, we can apply a fixed puddle flange to any configuration of pipe.


Standard flange drilling is PN 10, but other variations are also available.


  • Restrained Joints - Flanged pipes are widely used in pipeline systems which are exposed, where the working pressure is high and joint restraining by providing thrust block is difficult.

  • Ideal for Vertical pipelines - Vertical connections to overhead reservoirs.

  • Pump house Connections - Useful in a pump house where discharges from number of pumps and valves are connected to a common manifold. Since all joints are rigid i.e., flanged joints, removal of pumps and valves during maintenance is easy. The flanged pipes used in pump house ore of non-standard lengths, depending on the layout and size of the pump house.

  • Short Length Connections - Interconnection between different units in water filtration plants and sewage treatment plants. For such applications, normally short lengths of double flanged pipes ore used.

  • Over-ground and Exposed Installations - Portion of exposed pipeline alignment where pipes are laid over pillars for crossing of canal, river, roads, bridges and so on.

  • Disengagement Requirements or Temporary Installations -Applications where pipelines need to be disengaged for cleaning or transfer from one location to the other are suitable for Hanged pipes. Examples are treatment plants (water, sewerage, other fluids) or temporary pipelines.



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