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D.I. Specials

Fittings play a major role in seamless functioning of a pipeline network. DI Fittings are manufactured as per IS 9523 (Class K-12) and are available mainly with three types of jointing systems:

>Socket and spigot flexible push-on joints       

>Mechanical flexible joints

>Flanged joints

Socket and spigot flexible-push on joints are most widely used as they can be assembled easily with the help of a rubber gasket. The heel portion inserted into the groove retains the gasket while the spigot enters into the socket and gets compressed to do the sealing. Socket and spigot push-on joints are:

Stronger than other fittings

Compatible with DI/CI Pipes, therefore cost-effective


Mechanical flexible joints provide sealing by application of pressure to the gasket by mechanical means. The nut and bolts exert more pressure making the joints leak-proof. Mechanical joints are:

Easier to assemble and dismantle G    Easily repairable


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